Frequently Asked Questions 

                    When we book photography or videography the entire day is yours!       

           Yes, that's right we don't charge by the hour, we want to be there to capture get ready to the grand departure!

How much of a retainer do I have to put down to hold my event date?

Because we were in the same situation years ago having to pay all our vendors at once,

we only require 25% down to hold your date.

What if someone else is requesting the same date? 

We work on a first come first serve basis but if someone else is inquiring about your date we will let you know so you have first dibs.

**Remember even if you get a proposal that doesn't mean your date is locked in. You have to sign an agreement & put down your retainer or your date is still up for grabs.**


What is the turn around time for pictures?

For engagement, bridal, infant, and family sessions it takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Weddings 4-6 weeks.

How many pictures will we get per session? 

Regular sessions 100 - 150 +     

Weddings 800 +

When can I expect my film to be ready? 

Depending on how busy our season is, it could be 1 week to 20 weeks.

How long will our film be?

It depends on the package you get highlight films are anywhere from 2 min- 10 minutes.

Can we pick our songs for our film?

The answer is no, we license all of our music. So we don't use music off the radio.  However, we do take into consideration the style of music you like and the vibe of the day.

How will you know what things are extract special to us so they will be in the film?

We have a questionnaire for you to fill us in with all the special details of the day.

Can we share our film on social media?


We upload your film on facebook from there you are more than welcome to share on your facebook page so all your friends and family can enjoy it too!

If there is a question that we have missed, please send us a quick email and ask. 

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